Posted on: April 27, 2010 9:44 am

All Star voting

Are you kidding me?  We are 20 games into the season and they have unveiled the ballot for the All Star game.  How stupid does a person need to be to vote in April for an All Star that will play in July?  This is why all you get are cruddy games and the viewership is down every year.  We don't want to watch a bunch of "has beens" and "do nothings", or the most popular player on his team (yeah that is all directed towards Chipper Jones), or some new rookie who is suppose to be the savior but is slumping right now (check back later as we see if he gets on the team).  Luckily the coaches pick many of their pitchers so I don't have to see Carlos Zambrano at the game.  Yes he is our Ace but he is now our releiver.  All-Star?  not yet.  Team player? So far so good. I can gurantee that there will be an All Star player that will not be elected to the team because he was not popular in April.  I will wait until I submit my ballot in June for the picks, thank you very much. 

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Posted on: July 27, 2009 8:38 pm
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Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame

Pete should be in. Yes he gambled but he always bet on his team to win. Isn't that what you are suppose to do?!?! I hate that stupid reporter question when they ask you how you think you will play today. Who is going to say "I hope we lose"? If he ever is found out that he gambled against his teams, then I would have a problem.  Did he destroy the integrity of the game?  Hard to say.  Or was he the only one that got caught.  With all the gambling going on I can not see that no other person since the 1919 White Sox ever gambled on a game.  Let Pete in, and then he can hold the door open for Joe Jackson.  I would take 9 players like Rose on my team every day of the week and the double header on Sunday

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Posted on: July 14, 2009 7:44 am

Fans lossing interest in the All Star Game

I am not sure if I would agree that fans do not condsider themselves Amerian or National League fans.  There are still cities like New York, Chicago and such (sorry L.A. you don't count) that are rabid about who they root for.  However I do agree that the All-Star game does not matter to me any more.  I can not tell you how many years it has been since I have sat down to watch the Home Run Derby and even less for the game. 

The reason?  Maybe we are just filled with too much media that trys to make a story about a person's fingernail or what he ate for breakfast. 

Maybe it is Chris Berman.  Yea, probably is. 

Maybe it is the fact that the players don't seem to care anymore.  They don't want to get hurt, they just want to have fun.  They don't look liek they even try anymore.  It is all about the show.  I remember John Kruk trying to scare off with Randy Johnson .  I like both players and respect them for the attitude toward the game (no razors, no polished helmets), but that at bat was like a summer softball game at a picnic.  If I want to see that I will go watch Uncle Charlie play.

No, I want to see players play the game to show that they are the best.  Not to play just so they can get it over with and go out with their buddy on the other team for dinner.  I want Charlie Hustle back in the game.

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Posted on: December 12, 2008 10:59 am

Some of my posts today turned into my first blog

Formula One
Okay so the the FIA has come out with ways to save money.  No in season testing, only 20 engines per team , less cost on engine purchase.  Is this good or bad?  I know that a couple of teams have complained about it and that Alonzo has stated he might retire.  I think sometimes the drivers forget about the expansion of the sport and trying to bring it back to the North America and the United States where the marketing potential is great.  I hope that these cost cutting aspects will make it cheaper and easier to bring the sport back to the States.  Yes I know that some the technology will be slower to develop and that there are fans, who enjoy that, will be disappointed.  However there are those of us who just enjoy racing and the competitiveness of the sport who thinks that this might be a good thing.  I for one look forward to seeing how competitive Torro Rosso can be against Scuderia Ferrari.   I look forward to the 2009 season and hopefully to be back in my seats at Indy (or somewhere else (Road Atlanta perhaps)) in 2010.
Okay, another game; another lack luster performance.  The defense definitely saved this game.  Except for playing the lazy cover 2 coverage they came through with some big stances and 4th down situations that held back Brees and the Saints.  Forte played well after getting hurt early and Hester caused problems for the defense mostly for his speed.  He had more PI yards than actual catching yards. 

I saw that the Bears wanted to give the game away with another slow second half performance.  Up by 14 points they let the Saints back into it.  My god what would have happened to Orton if he took one more step at the end of the game and let time run out?

Well it looked real close with Peavy but something happened that killed it.  I am glad to see that maybe Mark DeRosa will stay.  I am also not sad to see Kerry Wood leave.  And poor Ron Santo.  Another year missed. 
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