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All Star voting

Posted on: April 27, 2010 9:44 am
Are you kidding me?  We are 20 games into the season and they have unveiled the ballot for the All Star game.  How stupid does a person need to be to vote in April for an All Star that will play in July?  This is why all you get are cruddy games and the viewership is down every year.  We don't want to watch a bunch of "has beens" and "do nothings", or the most popular player on his team (yeah that is all directed towards Chipper Jones), or some new rookie who is suppose to be the savior but is slumping right now (check back later as we see if he gets on the team).  Luckily the coaches pick many of their pitchers so I don't have to see Carlos Zambrano at the game.  Yes he is our Ace but he is now our releiver.  All-Star?  not yet.  Team player? So far so good. I can gurantee that there will be an All Star player that will not be elected to the team because he was not popular in April.  I will wait until I submit my ballot in June for the picks, thank you very much. 

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